St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church


What We Believe

We believe that we all have sinned and deserve only death. Jesus died for our sins and ransomed us from death so that we may live with him in Heaven. Our faith is a free gift from God. Praise be to God for the gift of eternal life.


These creeds add nothing to the Bible, but restate the Truth of God in the Bible. Each was brought about because of an attack on the faith. We still use them today to guard our faith.

This We Believe

This document summarizes the main teachings of our church body. This document is produced by the WELS. St. Paul Lutheran Church belongs to the WELS and agrees with the teachings of the WELS.

Luther's Small Catechism

This was originally published by Martin Luther to aid in the education of the church. We continue to use it for education today and it is also an excellent statement of our faith.