St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church



Are you troubled, curious, or have questions? This section is here to provide resources for every occasion.

God's Yellow Pages

This provides comfort from God and questions to frequent questions answered by God's word.

What About Jesus?

Do you want to know more about Jesus? Do you wonder what the point is? Do you wonder how Jesus relates to your life? This website addresses these questions and more.


We believe that the Bible is the best resource for life because it is the true Word of God. There are a number of websites that have on-line Bibles available. Below is one of those sites.

Luther's Small Catechism

This was originally published by Martin Luther to aid in the education of the church. It is still an excellent resource today.


The WELS is the synodical organization to which St. Paul Lutheran Church belongs. The WELS website provides a great deal of information.